Our studio features a spacious and comfortable control room and a large, open (16’ x 28’) main recording room. Our three smaller isolation rooms have large windows between them, making communication easy.

Our Yamaha C6 7-foot grand piano is a beautiful instrument that pianists of all styles love to play. A meticulously maintained instrument, it is regularly tuned and voiced by the same piano technician who services pianos for the Madison Symphony Orchestra. If you have a piano-oriented project in the works, feel free to request some time to get acquainted with this wonderful instrument.

We record using a combination of modern and vintage microphones, solid-state and tube pre-amplifiers, and ProTools HD, coupled with a C24 control surface.


"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg. Dan Barker, pianist.*

Beethoven Sonata Op. 57 in F minor, "Appassionata". Garrick Olsen, pianist.*

If you are having issues with the player using Internet Explorer, please turn on your speakers or plug-in headphones.

*Excerpts used by permission of the artists.

Our 7 foot Yamaha C6 piano is regularly tuned and serviced by Brian Mott, the piano services provider of Madison Symphony Orchestra, Madison Ballet, and Madison Opera.


  • Our Microphones of Note
  • Neumann - U 87
    Neumann - TLM 103
    Neumann - KM 184
    Neumann - KM 86
    Neumann - KM 84
    AEA - R88 Stereo Ribbon Microphone
    Beyer Dynamic - M160
  • AKG - 460
    AKG - C-414 BULS
    AKG 4033
    AKG 4050
    Shure - KSM44
    Peluso 22 47 Vacuum tube Microphone
    Various custom built Vacuum tube microphones
    Blue Dragonfly
    Earthworks QTC 40 HDM

  • Mic Preamp and Outboard Gear
  • Millennia HV3D 8 channel mic preamp
    Ampria - MCMA-4 Class A mic pre-amp
    (8 channels)
  • UA 6176 Vintage mic pre/compressor
  • Summit Audio MPE-200 Element 78 mic preamp/ EQ
  • Ampex 351 mic preamp
  • True Systems - Precision 8 (mic pre-amp)
  • HHB - Classic 60 Tube Compressor/mic pre-amp
  • TL Audio - Dual Valve Pre-amp/compressor
  • custom built plate reverb

  • Telephone Interface
    Comrex - DH 22 (phone hybrid)
    Telos-Zephyr (ISDN interface)

  • Recording Platform
    Avid 192 I/O
    Avid C24
    Avid ProTools 12 HD
    Mac Pro tower
    Otari MX-5050 1/4" reel to reel

  • Plugins
    Abbey Road
    Bomb Factory
    Line Six
    Nomad Factory
    Sound Toys
    Trillium Lane Labs
    WAVES - TDM Diamond Bundle

  • Studio Monitors
    B&W 808 Studio monitors
    Genelec - 8040A
    Yamaha NS-10M Studio monitors
    Furman headphone distribution system