Music & Arts

In addition to our experienced engineering team, our professional studio features a main room and three isolation booths, for maximum flexibility. You are welcome to use our Yamaha C6 grand piano and drum set, and will find an impressive selection of condenser, ribbon, tube and dynamic microphones.

Prefer a different venue? We offer on-location recording and sound reinforcement services. Call or email us for details.


Business Audio Services

Advertising, film, technical scripts, instructional projects, promotional pieces, podcasts, broadcast production… and much more. We are trusted by such clients as The Onion, NPR, The New Yorker Magazine, Comedy Central, The Progressive Magazine, American Family, TDS Telecom, The Simpsons, Web Courseworks and many others.

Studio Recording

We invite you to visit the fully equipped Audio for the Arts recording studio to plan your next project. To learn more about our recording space, visit the Studio page.

On-Location Audio

We provide sound mixing and recording services for indoor and outdoor concerts by jazz combos, choirs, chamber ensembles, symphony orchestras and more.

We also do location recording for advertisements, business meetings, conventions, conferences—even comedy: Comedy Central relies on Audio for the Arts for recording today’s hottest comedians live on stage at several Midwest locations.

Voice Talent

In addition to our audio production and sweetening skills, we make your business communications easy by providing a pool of experienced, professional voice talent actors (see a few of them below).
Audio for the Arts offers a spectrum of voices for you to use in your advertising, films, telephone on-hold and internet communications. Our in-house talent have been heard in programs for TDS Telecom, The Onion, American Family, Promega Corporation and many others.

Buzz Kemper
Buzz’s voice is heard on projects for American Family Insurance, Time/Warner, TDS Telecom, the Florida Education Association, the Ho Chunk Nation and many others. These clients and others have utilized Buzz’s voice to get their message across via their websites, advertising, telephone on-hold messages, documentary film and even on-location announcing for presentations and conferences. The Wisconsin DNR even hired him to be the voice of Smokey Bear!

Audio Samples: Buzz Kemper | Character | Medical/Technical | Story Buzz: A Fable by Mark Twain | Audiobook

Audrey Martinovich
The newest voice talent on staff, Audrey began voicing ads for Wisconsin's 57 TV. Little Strokes Swim Academy, The Great Dane, and Cafe La Bellitalia are just a few clients who trust Audrey's voice to communicate their message to potential customers.

Audio Samples: Audrey Martinovich

Steve Gotcher
Steve has done voice talent work for over 30 years. Clients include Borders books, the Gordon Flesch Company, Nedrebo’s Formal Wear, TDS, The Onion and several character voices for The Onion Radio News and News of the Great Redepression.

Audio Samples: Audio for the Arts | Borders | Hotel Milwaukee | Sierra Mist | TDS Truck

Suzan Kurry
Suzan Kurry’s first foray into the acting world was as a pillow-stuffed pink-leotarded mouse in the 3rd grade play. Since then she has ventured into film and voiceover work as well. From community to professional performing arts organizations, she is always at home on stage, in front of the camera, or behind a microphone.

Audio Samples: Announce/Narration | Character Voices

Pete Mueller
Pete Mueller is the voice of Doyle Redland of the Onion Radio News. He continues in that great news broadcasting tradition as the authoratative Stanley Douglas at News of the Great Redepression.

Mary Sue Perez
For over 20 years, MP has been a highly sought-after voice over, stage and on-camera talent. She lives in Madison but her voice has been heard nationally on radio, television and on the web.

Audio Samples: Mary Sue Perez

Business Audio Services

Our approach to audio for your business reflects our commitment to high quality production and an efficient workflow. We have experience in selecting the best voice actors, writing and editing scripts, picking the right music for your project, providing direction and putting it all together with industry-standard equipment and seasoned engineers.

Forensic Audio & Audio Restoration/Transfer

Intelligibility Enhancement and Noise Removal: Original audio from cassette, micro cassette, flash or hard drive recorder or other source material can be cleaned up and enhanced for intelligibility. We will then return the audio to you or, if preferred, a transcription of the content.

Audio Reenactments: We can make calibrated, documented recordings to be used as evidence. Our engineers can also be called on to provide expert witness testimony about audio presented as evidence.

Tape & Vinyl Restoration/Transfers: We have the equipment and expertise required for the restoration and transfer of audio from a variety of source formats. In many cases, we can take your old reel-to-reel tapes, LPs and cassettes, as well as material from other formats and restore them to playable condition. We can then digitize the material transfer it to CD or to MP3 files for easy playback. We have a special oven for baking deteriorated reel-to-reel tapes and a variety of noise and “click and pop” reduction software programs available. Radio stations, musicians and even other studios have sent their restoration projects to us. Call for details.

Podcast and Radio Show Production

At Audio for the Arts, we create a customized approach for each podcast and radio show that we produce. Some podcasters prefer to record their show on their own and send us files to edit and mix. Others prefer to trust us with the whole project so they can concentrate on generating content, knowing their podcast will sound professional and polished. Still, others prefer to learn how to record a podcast but need some help to get started. No matter your situation, we are happy to work with you to create a podcast that gets heard. Some of the podcasts and radio shows engineered by our team include Free Thought Radio, RSNA Radiology Podcast, The Big Wild, Voices from Afghanistan, the App Fairy, and more, reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners weekly.

Long Distance Recording Platforms include ISDN, ipDTL, Source Connect Now, Skype and similar platforms.

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